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What to do in Turin in August: all the events


Turin in August is like that friend who always surprises you with something new to do. Many events, concerts, exhibitions: the atmosphere is lively and fun. Find out what awaits you and get ready to experience the city in all its glory.

Concert Raphael Gualazzi and Simona Molinari

The imposing Forte di Exilles, a few kilometers from Turin, will be filled with the delicate notes of Raphael Gualazzi and Simona Molinari on 10 August 2023. For those who have never been there, it is a suggestive place a few steps from Turin. In the past it was a fortification with an important military history, but today it also hosts light music concerts.

Raphael Gualazzi and Simona Molinari’s live will certainly be one of the events not to be missed, also to discover the Fort.


August 2023 among the events that will take place in Turin, theTOdays Festival. Now in its eighth edition, the TOdays Festival is one of the most awaited and loved music festivals by music lovers in Italy. The appointment is from 25 to 27 August, with international artists, activities and workshops for professionals in the music and art scene.

The main stage will, as usual, be sPAZIO211, a large green lawn in the heart of the Turin suburbs, which transforms into an open-air stage, ready to welcome the big names in contemporary music. During the three evenings, from 18 to 24, the public will be able to attend unforgettable concerts. Among the most anticipated names are Wilco, Anna Calvi, Verdena, Sleaford Mods, Christine and the Queens, Les Savy Fav and many others.

But the TOdays Festival is not just music, it is also an opportunity to create new encounters and cultural exchanges, thanks to projects such as the TOlab, a series of daytime appointments, activities and workshops that will involve young artists and professionals from the music, artistic and social scene.

The TOdays Festival is a great opportunity to discover the city of Turin, with its history and culture, but also with its innovative and modern soul. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience an unforgettable stay in Turin, tickets are on sale on the official channels.

CEV EuroVolley 2023: Women European Volleyball

From 21 to 23 August 2023, the Pala Gianni Asti in Turin will welcome thousands of volleyball fans from all over Europe, on the occasion of the exciting CEV EuroVolley 2023 Women meeting. The European Women’s Volleyball Championship, which takes place every two years, has reached its 33rd edition and will involve four countries, including Italy. Among the four gaming venues in our country, together with Monza, Florence and Verona, Turin is preparing to welcome volleyball fans in a fantastic gaming experience. The matches in Turin involve the group stage, which promises to offer moments of great emotion to volleyball fans.

Volleyball fans can buy tickets for the event and experience the exciting atmosphere of the CEV EuroVolley 2023 Women in Turin firsthand.

Serie A football

August is the month in which Serie A football once again ignites the hearts of the fans and in Turin there is already an air of great anticipation for this season’s matches. Both Torino and Juventus will be involved in several matches this month, hoping to get their first league victories.

Torino will face Cagliari and Milan on 21 and 26 August respectively, while Juventus will face Udinese on 20 August and Bologna on 27 August.

As always, even at the beginning of the season, around the football pitches there is an electrifying atmosphere when matches kick off. These roller coasters of emotions that only football can give, on the pitch and in the stands, are what make Serie A so spectacular. Whether you are a fan of Turin or Juventus, August is the right month to follow Serie A, have fun and cheer on your favorite team.

Royal Summer 2023

Estate Reale 2023 brings Turin to life thanks to a calendar of unmissable initiatives that will involve an audience of all ages. In fact, the event will see the Royal Museums transform into a stage for concerts, shows and activities dedicated to enhancing the cultural heritage of the Piedmontese capital. Estate Reale 2023 includes three reviews: Fairy tales in sonata form, Turin, a crossroads of sounds and Notti sonore.

Fables in sonata form is an approach to music conceived in collaboration with the Unione Musicale of Turin, which will focus on the comparison between the musical languages ​​of Beethoven, Mozart and Rossini, and the theatrical narrative forms. The three shows proposed in the Roman Theater will offer the public a unique experience, exploring the similarities between music and theatre. The path of fairy tales in sonata form will be staged every Thursday evening at 21. On the evening of 3 August, Mio Fratello Amade’, by TzimTzum APS, will be staged in collaboration with Unione Musicale Onlus and the TRG Foundation, which recounts the childhood of the brothers Amadé and Nannerl Mozart, their experiences as children and musicians, their talent and their passion for music.

Turin crossroads of sonority, on the other hand, is a series of concerts in collaboration with the “Giuseppe Verdi” State Conservatory of Music. Every Friday evening, from 30 June to 25 August, the Roman Theater will host concerts of various kinds, from chamber music to jazz, from percussion to wind instruments. On August 4th, Scene for four horns will be held at the Roman Theater, while on August 11th, again at the Roman Theater, the Blue Mitchell Connection will take the stage, with a repertoire completely dedicated to the two giants of jazz, piano and composition: Horace Silver and Chick Corea. The two musicians collaborated in the 60s with the hardbop trumpeter Blue Mitchell to create an iconic sound full of swing, which will be performed during the evening. On 18 August, at the Royal Palace, a voice and piano duo will perform, while on 25 August at the Roman Theater it will be possible to listen to Rhythms and caprices, a percussion concert.

Finally, Notti sonore will be held on eight different evenings, between the Royal Gardens and the halls of the Royal Museums. At each appointment there will be convivial offers by local producers, as well as gamification activities to involve the public in playful and cognitive activities. The Notti Sonore will host numerous artists in eight different evenings which will be held between June and October.

The August appointments of the review include, on the evening of 10 August, the Night of San Lorenzo, concerts and soundtracks in the Royal Gardens under the stars in collaboration with the Club Silencio Association, while on 31 August, from 7 pm, on the occasion of the International Day for People of African Descent there will instead be talks and performances to celebrate African culture, art and creativity.

August evenings at the Agnelli Art Gallery

August is also the best time to visit museums and works of art. The Agnelli Art Gallery, through the Sere d’Agosto al Museo initiative, remains open every Wednesday in August, from 18.00 to 21.00. On these occasions it will be possible to visit both the Pinacoteca and the Pista 500 for free. If you’ve never been there, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the Agnelli collection and the installations on the roof of the Lingotto, which include works by Italian and international artists, such as Valie Export and Nan Goldin.

You can enjoy an aperitif at the panoramic FIATCafé500 and admire the extraordinary Giovanni and Marella Agnelli Collection, with works by the great masters from the 1700s to the 1900s, such as Picasso and Modigliani.

The Pinacoteca Agnelli is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cultural spaces in the city of Turin.

Visits to the city’s museums

Nothing is more beautiful than visiting a museum without standing in line. In August in Turin it is possible. This month will be the perfect opportunity to visit the most beautiful museums in the city: the Risorgimento Museum, the Egyptian Museum or the Automobile Museum in Turin, without having to face queues and crowds. Get ready to enjoy the beauty and art in these places in absolute tranquillity. Turin has some of the most beautiful museums in Italy and visiting them in August will be an occasion you won’t easily forget.

And you, have you already booked your visit to Turin in August?