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New terms at QC Termetorino spa for all guests

Ready for a stay of relaxation and wellbeing? The Best Quality Hotels have a surprise for you and all our guests: special terms at the QC Termetorino spa.

You can enjoy a 10% discount on a total of two visits to the spa purchased and used on the same day.

The QC Termetorino spa is an oasis of beauty and calm in the centre of Turin. A historic late C19th palazzo and lovely Renaissance grounds house a spa with water pathways, steam baths, salt rooms, bio-saunas and also relaxation rooms, inspired by the city’s history and its icons.

In the grounds the outdoor pools are surrounded by ancient trees and rose bushes for an even pleasanter, more intense experience. Relaxing in the hot tubs, you can enjoy genuine tranquillity, getting back into touch with nature in a dimension suspended between water and sky.

Massages and other wellbeing treatments are also available to improve your mood and physical condition..

Ready for a regenerating experience where time stands still?